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Welcome to Annex Health

Annex Health is a professional patient centered home healthcare company in the UAE, that believes it’s never too early to be aware and take action.

Did you know it is advised that you should do a medical visit for a general checkup every year below the age of 50 & 2 visits a year above the age 50? We at Annex Health are here to decrease that number as well as keep patients much more aware of their medical standing, from the comfort of their homes. Medical professionals advise patients to regularly take medical tests, since they are the key to prevention, which in most cases is more effective than depending on a last minute cure.

Annex health collects this same medical data through at home tests, studies it using cutting edge technology; in order to better predict upcoming medical concerns. The algorithm processes this data in order to better advise patients & keep them up to date with their short term medical standing. The more frequent patients test and collect medical data through Annex Health, the better the likelihood that medical experts will have all the tools necessary to prevent disease, better advise, and cure the patients they serve.

User Friendly

Your medical records at your fingertips

The right care you need, when you need it. Our Application provides a seamless journey for on demand at home medical & lab tests. Annex Health took a step to towards the future providing digital application that collects and compiles patient's medical reports at their finger tips.

Get tested at the convenience of your home

Order your medical screening , through your smartphone. Annex health offers quick support from our team & medical experts, so that a medical test will never need a trip and appointment again. Our service is seamless, eliminating frustration and allowing patients to live healthier, more informed, and comfortable lives.

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